Please don’t contest for the AU chairperson seat, it is another long con – SAITABAO OLE KANCHORY warns RAILA.

 Thursday, February 22, 2024 - Former Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party leader's chief agent, Saitabao Ole Kanchory, has urged former Prime Minister Raila Odinga not to contest for the African Union chairperson position.

In a statement on Thursday, Kanchory warned the opposition chief that his alleged political opponents were playing him and that it could turn out to be the source of his problems.

 "Dear BABA Raila Odinga, this AU thing is a poisoned chalice; a red herring; another long con. This one is actually the real long con," Kanchory wrote on his ex.

Elsewhere, former presidential aspirant Ekuru Aukot questioned President William Ruto's decision to support Odinga for the top African Union Commission seat. 

In a statement, Aukot claimed the Kenya Kwanza Alliance leader was using the AU position to get rid of the former prime minister from Kenya's political scene. 

According to Aukot, the president fears that Raila's fanatical following can destabilise Kenya Kwanza's 'feckless' administration.


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