Luo lady who sired a kid with KELVIN KIPTUM and moved to court to stop his burial reveals what he had promised her the fateful day he died.


Thursday, February 22, 2024 - A 22-year-old lady identified as Edna Awuor moved to court to try and stop the burial of deceased marathoner Kelvin Kiptum, claiming that she had sired a baby girl aged one year and seven months with him.

Edna told the court that Kiptum had been providing for their kid until his death.

He had reportedly acknowledged her and her kid as part of his family.

 “The deceased had recognised me along with the minor and he took good care of us as part of his family until his death two weeks ago,” she said.

On the fateful day that Kiptum died in a road accident, he reportedly called her to know how their child was doing.

He promised to send her money for upkeep and basic needs.

Sadly, he perished in an accident before sending her the money.

The lady further claimed that Kiptum’s family had not only refused to recognize her as part of the family but had also failed to include the minor’s name in the eulogy and other funeral arrangements as expected.

She wanted the court to stop Kiptum’s burial and issue an order for DNA samples to be taken from the body to be sent to the Kenya Medical Research Institute or any other public institution to establish the paternity of the minor.

However, the magistrate denied her application and said the burial preparations were at an advanced stage.

“The arrangements for the burial of the deceased are at an advanced stage and therefore stopping the burial may be disruptive considering the resources that have been put into preparing for the burial,” the magistrate ruled.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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