MUDAVADI and WETANGULA are behind problems facing LUHYAs – Governor NATEMBEYA says the two are useless leaders!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2024 Trans Nzoia County Governor, George Natembeya, has accused Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi and National Assembly Speaker, Moses Wetangula, of being the men behind the problems affecting the Luhya community.

Speaking during the burial of Mwalimu Lindsay Lime in Bidii Ward, Natembeya claimed that Musalia and Wetangula were to blame for the region's troubles.

Wetangula questioned what the two leaders had done for the region during their long political careers, stretching over 30 years.

Natembeya said he would not follow a path just because a leader considered a region's kingpin had decided to do so.

 "But those people, you see them, that's why we are in this situation. 

"They are responsible for our poverty, for our problems, and for the era of praising leaders just because you have been there for twenty years. 

"What have you done in those twenty years? 

"You have been in political leadership for over 30 years, but you still want to cling there and have caused problems for people. And others want us to follow the so-called kingpin," he said.


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