MOSES WETANGULA is an incompetent Speaker of the National Assembly – RAILA ODINGA says

Monday, February 5, 2024 - Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has termed Moses Wetangula as an incompetent Speaker of the National Assembly following his decision to appeal the Court of Appeal ruling against the Housing Levy.

Raila said on Sunday that Wetang'ula's decision to move to the Supreme Court to appeal President William Ruto’s pet project is irregular as he oversaw the passage of the Housing Levy as speaker of the National Assembly.

Speaking when he led an ODM membership recruitment drive in Nairobi's Kamkunji Grounds, Raila said the move by Wetang'ula was unfortunate.

''Moses Wetang'ula does not deserve to be speaker of the National Assembly," Raila said.

"The law emanated from Parliament and President Ruto signed it into law, now that some people have gone to court, the Speaker, all over the world has no authority to move to court," Raila added.

According to the former Premier, the speaker can only move to court after consulting MPs who have employed him.

"If you are the speaker and have passed a law, your work ends there, whatever that is remaining is for the executive and the judiciary,'' Raila said.


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