Kenyans over the moon as power token prices drop just as RUTO had promised – See how much you will pay for the electricity token?

 Thursday, February 8, 2024 – Kenyans can now breathe easy after the government of President William Ruto delivered on its promise to lower the cost of electricity.

On Wednesday, Kenya Power lowered token charges in the latest review on electricity prices.

Energy Principal Secretary Alex Wachira revealed that the cost of electricity for all categories would be reduced by Ksh3.44 per unit.

He attributed the drop to a decline in the foreign exchange adjustment rate from Ksh6.46 to Ksh3.22. 

The forex adjustment is the forex charge deducted when purchasing tokens and is based on the variation of hard currencies against the Kenyan Shilling. Currently, a dollar is traded at Ksh160 against the green buck.

Prepaid users began enjoying the new rates on Thursday morning while postpaid users will pay less at the end of February.

A spot check established that one received more token units for the same amount purchased on February 8, 2024, as compared to January 11, 2024.

On Wednesday, Kenyans who purchased tokens worth Ksh250 received 8.77 units whereas last month in January, the same amount only accounted for 7.82 units.

In a breakdown, the change in token prices was occasioned by the sharp decline in forex adjustment charge from Ksh50.53 to Ksh28.22.


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