Kenyans are tired of RUTO apologists as they humiliate SHOLLEI for calling RAILA ODINGA ‘Lord of Poverty’

 Monday, February 12,2024 - Kenyans across the political divide have blasted Uasin Gishu County Woman Representative, Gladys Shollei, for referring to former Prime Minister Raila Odinga as the "Lord of Poverty."

During the 2022 presidential election, President William Ruto used to refer to Raila Odinga as AN anti-progressive leader and they nicknamed him ‘Lord of Poverty’.

With Ruto being in power and having done nothing in his first year in office, Kenyans seem to be tired of him and his colleagues.

Shollei, who is Ruto’s close ally, was vilified by Kenyans for referring to Raila as a ‘Lord of Poverty’ on a live television interview.

Here are some comments from Kenyans bashing Shollei badly.

@Makayiemba: Apart from repeating the term 'lord of poverty' what exactly is her point? Emptiness in a people's servant is sacrilegious.

@Quadoline: @GladysShollei Kenyans are today struggling economically more than in previous regimes. So perhaps you don't have to look far to spot the so-called Lord of poverty… your very own boss.

@Lemeiyan: Last time Gladys Sholei was paneled with Otiende Amollo she was humiliated. The Lord of Poverty narrative is very outdated. Where has Raila said he doesn’t want affordable housing? What people against is the housing levy.

@Martin_Marto1: Tell her all those houses along the railway line were initiated by Raila and not a penny extra from our taxes.

@EMungau: Do People actually listen to what these guys are saying? The only thing that is being insisted on is this bill MUST happen, there is a lot of leaning on slander, but nothing substantive.

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