Is it true that DAVID NDII eats 26 Pork Sausages daily? - See what one of his fans asked him!

Tuesday, February 27, 2024 - One of the fans of President William Ruto’s senior economic advisor, David Ndii, has revealed the number of pork sausages he eats every day.

Ndii, who has accumulated considerable weight over the years, has consistently become a punching bag for online trolls who repeatedly target his weight as their primary mode of attack.

On Tuesday, one of his fans asked him whether he eats 26 pork sausages daily to beat mid-morning hunger pans.

“Hello @DavidNdiihow about a pack of 26 Farmer's Choice pork sausages to stem your midmorning hunger pangs?,”  a woman identified as  Mundu  Wa Wanja asked David Ndii.

Last week, Ndii admonished his denigrators even in Kikuyu, regretting the obese topic, calling them 'imbeciles'.

"Ũrimũ ndũrĩ ndawa (Folly is untreatable). To have so many imbeciles with nothing better to talk on a public platform is a national tragedy,” Ndii wrote on X


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