'How did her health deteriorate so quickly?' - WENDY WILLIAMS' former attorney questions the care the talk show host, 59, is receiving under her guardianship

Monday, February 26, 2024
 – TV host, Wendy Williams' former attorney is questioning the care the former talk show host has been receiving since she was put under guardianship in May 2022.

The 59-year-old has since been diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia, the same condition as Bruce Willis, 58, which affects her ability to speak, read and write.

The diagnosis was made in 2023 but only revealed recently.

The shock jock's former manager, LaShawn Thomas, shared a video of the DJ when she was still living with her son, Kevin Hunter Jr. Thomas, claiming it was shot two weeks before Wendy was forced to go back to New York by the guardianship.

The reality star was sitting in a bed, drinking a smoothie, and explaining why she liked to go to the gym.

'While Wendy was in Miami with her son, I would often witness candid moments of their Mother and Son dynamic,' the Miami Entertainment Law Group founder wrote.

'I could tell that he loves his mother so much, and as you can see, the feeling was mutual.'

She continued, explaining, 'You can clearly see the difference between Wendy's well-being during her time here in Florida with her son caring for her and her lack thereof in New York under this "guardianship,"' she stated.

The Wendy Williams Experience star was first placed under guardianship by her bank, Wells Fargo, but the conservatorship has since been moved to attorney Sabrina Morrissey.

In comparing the Think Like a Man actress' condition when she was with her son to the frail person Wendy seems to be now, the lawyer maintained, 'These Wendys are not the same.'

Clips from an upcoming Lifetime documentary, which began shooting in August 2022, shortly after Wendy was forced to move back to New York for guardianship, show a frail and erratic woman.

Parts one and two of the film debuted on the network Saturday.

'How did her health deteriorate so quickly, and why isn't her only child allowed to be by her side,' Thomas asked, admonishing someone to come forward and 'ASK THE HARD QUESTIONS!'

The attorney alleged she had been 'threatened with physical and financial harm' if she spoke out about the care Wendy is receiving, but 'just couldn't keep silent any longer.'

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