Here is an aerial view showing aftermath of Embakasi gas explosion - A new BMW was reduced to ashes (VIDEO).

Friday, February 2, 2024 - The country on Friday woke up to the devastating news of a gas explosion that had happened in Embakasi.

The tragic incident happened after a truck loaded with gas exploded and set off a massive fireball that burned homes and warehouse

A video showing the aftermath of the explosion has surfaced on social media.

Badly destroyed vehicles could be seen covered in soot.

A tenant in the neighourhood lost a BMW after it was reduced to ashes, following the heavy explosion.

So, far three people have been confirmed dead.

More than 200 were receiving treatment in various hospitals in Nairobi, some with serious injuries.

The fire broke out on Thursday night in the Embakasi neighbourhood, government spokesperson Isaac Mwaura said on X, with many residents inside by the time the blaze reached their homes.

“One lorry [truck] of an unknown registration number that was loaded with gas exploded, igniting a huge ball of fire that spread widely,” he posted on Friday morning, adding that vehicles, businesses, and residential homes were engulfed by the flames

“A good number of residents [were] still inside as it was late at night,” he said.

Below is a video showing the aftermath of the explosion.

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