Hard questions following the sudden demise of renowned marathoner KELVIN KIPTUM - Was there any foul play? (LOOK).


Tuesday, February 13, 2024 - The untimely death of renowned marathoner, Kelvin Kiptum has shocked the world, even as detectives carry out investigations to establish whether there was any foul play.

A curious social media user has made several observations about the Sunday night accident.

1. The vehicle's middle section caves in and a human being escapes with minor injuries.

2. The vehicle Bonnet and front part are so intact that there is no single paint scratch. Even soil debris is almost unnoticeable.

3. The vehicle wheels are almost perfectly aligned and all of them are inflated.

4. The heavy damage on the car and the tree it hit do not tell the same story. The tree barely scratched, even the twigs growing nearby are very healthy.

5. A KDL car that has struck a stationary object should at least have an Airbag automatically inflated. There is none.

6. The wheels' hubcaps tell a very different story. A vehicle that has lost control, fallen into a ditch, and finally sticks a tree cannot have all the plastic wheel caps secured by plastic strips intact. NEVER. Even a crack?

7. The vehicle was hurriedly towed out of the accident scene at night without any police preliminary report. 

Police should have waited a little longer, put yellow tape, and found out if the vehicle had mechanical problems e.g. locked steering, brake failure, etc. 

Such simple police work does not need postmortem. They should have already reported it.

8. Kiptum’s father says 4 men have been stalking his home before Kiptum's demise. Haloo?

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