God revealed to me that I would become President of Kenya in 2006 – RUTO again lies to the world using the church

Monday, February 26,2024 - President William Ruto has once again lied to the world by saying that God revealed to him that he would be President of the Republic of Kenya in 2006.

During Benny Hinn’s crusade at Nyayo stadium on Sunday, Ruto said he visited a revival mission in the United States with his wife Rachael Ruto, and Bishop Odoyo. That is when God revealed that he would be President of Kenya.

“The first time I got a revelation that I was going to be president in Kenya was in 2006 during the Asuza 100 celebration of revival in the US and I was there with my wife and Rev. Bishop Adoyo and many others,” said Ruto.

The President said that at the time, he could not believe it. 

“I couldn't believe that the son from Sugoi would one day be president of Kenya.”


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