Footballer, SERGIO JÁUREGUI, is shot dead during match in Mexico

Thursday, February 1, 2024
 – Former Bolivian international footballer, Sergio Jáuregui has been gunned down while playing a friendly match in Mexico.

The 38-year-old football star was shot six times by an unknown attacker at roughly 11 am local time on Sunday during a friendly match in the Santa Inés neighbourhood of Cuautla, Morelos.

Defender Jáuregui had reportedly stepped off the field to rehydrate at the bench for a brief moment during the game before a gunman stormed up to him and fired at his victim at close range.

The shooter is said to have fled the scene on a motorbike that was waiting for him at the entrance to the ground, leaving the footballer fatally wounded.

Emergency services and ambulances quickly descended on the scene but were unable to save the stricken player who died almost immediately.

Atlético de San Luis Rey, a team with which Jáuregui had a significant playing history, expressed their grief through a poignant statement on their official Facebook page.

'We regret the death of our former player and Captain Sergio Jáuregui, who defended the colors of our team in the last Torneo de los Soles. We send our deepest condolences to his family,' the heartfelt message read.

'We appreciate how you defended our badge and left everything on the field match after match. For that reason, we will always carry you in our badge and heart. Thank you very much to the ''Eternal Captain of Cuautla'',' the message concluded.

Jáuregui played most of his professional career in Bolivia, save for a short-lived transfer to top flight Swiss side Yverdon-Sport FC in 2005 which lasted only a few months.

He earned some 13 caps for his national team, but retired from professional sport in 2015, according to Diario AS, aged just 30.

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