Detectives find the CCTV footage that captured the last moments of KELVIN KIPTUM before his tragic death – Look! Was he drunk?


Wednesday, February 21, 2024 - Detectives drawn from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have obtained CCTV footage which was used to piece together world record holder Kelvin Kiptum’s final movements before his untimely death.

Detectives, led by homicide director Martin Nyuguto, established that Kiptum visited three different restaurants on the fateful night.

Kiptum was seen parking his car at the Alex Inn Restaurant which is located along the Iten-Eldoret highway.

After alighting, Kiptum conversed with a middle-aged man before leaving for a different destination.

He was then seen at another hotel, the Well Irish Pub and Restaurant located at Rupa Mall in Eldoret town.

According to detectives, the marathoner arrived at the hotel in the company of Rwandese coach Gervais Hakizimana and a lady believed to be the accident survivor, Sharon Cheruiyot. 

Detectives claimed the three arrived at the hotel at around 6 pm and left at around 8.58 pm.

Revelations by customers of the Well Irish Pub and Restaurant indicated that the runner was a regular visitor at the eatery.  

After leaving Rupa Mall, Kiptum and his acquaintances proceeded to Grand Miarmir Guest House in Annex, situated off the Eldoret-Nairobi highway, about 14 kilometres from Rupa Mall. 

Kiptum arrived at the third hotel at around 9:12 pm where he shared a meal with his coach and the lady. Reports indicated that they ordered a meal comprising meat and boiled bananas.

“He arrived here at around 9.12 pm and parked his vehicle then ordered food, meat and bananas, and ate it all before leaving here at around 10.15 pm,” narrated a worker at the Grand Miarmir Guest House.

According to records at the gate, Kiptum left the third hotel at around 10.25 pm, 45 minutes before he crashed along the Eldoret-Kaptagat Road around 11 PM.


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  1. The sad hypothesis could be as follows:

    One: He may have been tired due to the many activities he had during the day and when he as driving to whatever destination he was heading to - he slept and this may be the case with all the occupance in the vehicle at the speed he was driving at. A common event that happens on tired drivers. When he was notified of the car driving in the wrong direction and the speed, it was too late, leading to the sadden lucifer act of abyssism.

    TWO: There may have been something on his driving lane: livestock sleeping on the road or a sadden alcoholic appearing on the road or an alcoholic driver driving on his lane or some animal or a dog appearing suddenly on his driving lane. As a result of this, he may have avoided an accident by driving on the opposite directing hence the tire marks on the road and with such lightweight vehicle, they just wave off the road a case that happened to me one time - but I survived by the GRACE of GOD.
    It's one of the two hypothesis in addition to the speculation of sport sponsors competing for his endorsement in marketing their product in scheming most probably option TWO.

    Ngetot! Kimer so!