CHURCHILL SHOW was hell on earth - Comedian EDDIE BUTITA opens up on what used to happen behind the scenes

Thursday, February 29, 2024 - Former Churchill Show comedian Eddie Butita has opened up about the challenges he went through when he was part of the comedians at the defunct weekly comedy show that used to air on NTV.

He termed the comedy show that brought him to the limelight as a living hell, affirming the widespread gatekeeping.

He called out the same gatekeepers who frustrated him for seeking favors from him today after things went south.

 “They really messed up the industry. If they avoided gatekeeping, the industry could be much far ahead,” he said.

Butita said the gatekeepers could deny some talented comedians a chance to appear on television.

He further said that his talent was threatening the said gatekeepers and for this reason, he appeared on the little watched segment, Churchill Raw for close to a year.

Only a select few made it to the widely watched “Churchill Show”.

To make a cut for the prime-time show, one had to have lit many faces with his humor.

However, despite Butita putting out a good run, the gatekeepers could deny him a chance to showcase his talent on the main show.

For those who were in good books with the gatekeepers, they were instantly catapulted to stardom.

However, many ended up disappearing into oblivion since they were half-baked.

Butita left Churchill Show to start his own production show and currently, he is among the most sought-after creative directors.

Butita also clarified the allegations that Churchill bought the comedians cars.

What happened is that they were placed in groups of threes and fours with Ksh 200,000 given to each team.

The money was to finance gigs by the budding stars in towns of their choice.

He further acknowledged his group getting the said amount.

The money was to be repaid later.

Butita said his team paid the money back after their Dubai trip.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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