AUKOT explains why RAILA ODINGA's chances of becoming the African Union Chairman are slim

 Friday, February 23, 2024 - Thirdway Alliance party leader, Dr. Akuru Aukot, has said former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has a slim chance of becoming the next African Union chairman

Last week, Raila, who is the opposition leader in Kenya, announced that he will contest for the African topmost position, saying he has experience running the affairs of the continent.

But in a statement he shared on his X page on Friday, Aukot said that the entry of Tanzania's former president Hon. Jakaya Kikwete into the race changes everything since he has a big support base compared to Raila.

Aukot said most of the East African nations will support Kikwete and thus Baba will fail to win the lucrative and powerful seat.

 Aukot also said that Ruto's support for his bid is another disadvantage because he is considered a puppet of the West and for this reason, many people don't like him and they will not support him to punish Ruto.

"With @jmkikwete's name being floated for the @_AfricanUnion job, Baba @RailaOdinga's goose is already cooked. A little bird whispered that the EAC states support Kikwete's bid. 

"Our president, @WilliamsRuto's posturing as the blue-eyed kid for the West, is also another disadvantage to baba man," Ekuru Aukot said.


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