A Senior BBC worker who called Jews an 'invader species' is sacked

Monday, February 5, 2024
 – A senior BBC employee has been fired after sharing 'horrific' anti-Semitic social media posts.

Dawn Queva, a BBC scheduler, shared a string of hateful messages on Facebook.

She described the Holocaust as a 'holohoax', prompting calls for the BBC to take action.

According to Daily Mail, Dawn Queva was sacked on Friday.

In the messages, she refers to 'AshkeNazis', a slur that is a play on 'Ashkenazi' – Jews who descend from those who lived in central or eastern Europe.

One message claims the Ashkenazi Jews are 'a bunch of subcontinental European melanin recessive CaucAsian japhetic AshkeNazi who have no None zero zilch blood connection to the land of Palestine or Israel historically'.

Another brands Jewish people an 'invader coloniser species'. Ms Queva also allegedly described white people as 'barbaric' and 'bloodthirsty'. In other posts, she referred to the UK as the 'UKKK' – a reference to the Ku Klux Klan.

Ms Queva, 55, a senior scheduler and playout planner for BBC Three, posted under the name Dawn Las Quevas-Allen. She previously worked in scheduling for A+E Networks, UKTV, and Disney.

She doubled down on her remarks after they came to light, challenging her critics to 'come at me... my shoulders are broad'. Last night, BBC staff told the Daily Mail the corporation needed to take a stand.

A Jewish worker said: 'Jewish colleagues are finding it really tough seeing everyone but our bosses condemning what we have seen.'

They added: 'If the BBC is serious about standing up to anti-Semitism then it needs to practise what it keeps preaching and stand up to the hate crimes committed by one of its own staff.'

A second Jewish worker added: 'The BBC needs to take a lead on this and make it clear that racism is racism and it won't be tolerated.'

Broadcaster, Mail columnist and former BBC presenter Andrew Neil said ex-colleagues had told him it was 'grim' and 'frightening' to be Jewish at the BBC at the moment. He wrote on X: 'Where's the director general and his army of BBC executives paid large salaries to get a grip of matters like this?'

A spokesman for the Campaign Against Antisemitism said: 'These posts are utterly horrific. Racist conspiracy theories and Holocaust-denial have no place at our public broadcaster, but what is becoming increasingly tiresome is us having to point this out. Barely a week goes by now without some figure at the BBC publishing some inflammatory remark relating to Jews.

'Something is terribly rotten at the BBC.

'We are filing complaints with the BBC about this individual and reporting the posts to the police, but the time has come for the BBC step up and confront anti-Semitism in its organisation once and for all.'

A BBC spokesman said: 'The individual concerned is no longer employed by the BBC.'

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