We will cut the Judiciary budget if they refuse to toe the line – RUTO’s man declares and says they will go to work using bicycles

Monday, January 29, 2024 - One of President William Ruto‘s lieutenants has vowed to slash the Judiciary budget if Judges and magistrates continue to rule against the government.

Speaking on Sunday, Mogotio Member of Parliament Reuben Kiborek said the Judiciary risks budget cuts due to recent rulings that have stalled key government projects.

The MP said Parliament would use its powers to punish the Judiciary over the rulings he claimed go against the public interest.

 "We in Parliament also have power, which is to create the budget. 

"I want to ask you, chair of the budget (Ndindi Nyoro), that when we are creating the upcoming budget if the Judiciary refuses to behave, let's cut their entire budget until they walk and ride bicycles in town to understand what the jobless Kenyans experience every day," Kiborek said.

Kiborek spoke days after courts slammed the brakes on the controversial housing and also stopped the government from sending police for a peacekeeping mission in Haiti.


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