Chaos and pandemonium as Haiti citizens jam radio stations after Kenyan court banned RUTO from deploying the police there – You won’t believe what they were saying

Monday, January 29, 2024 - Citizens of Haiti are now a worried lot. This is after a Kenyan Court banned President William Ruto from deploying police there.

According to a report by the Associated Press, Haiti citizens are worried about their safety after the court halted the planned deployment of police officers to lead a fight against gangs that are controlling large parts of the country.

Hours after Justice Chacha Mwita delivered that ruling, residents of the war-torn nation began calling radio stations in anguish.

In fact, some of the radio stations got jammed from too many calls with some of the victims fearing that the war had turned up a notch higher.

Over the past year, the gangs controlled 80 per cent of the country's capital city of Port-Au-Prince, with concerns raised that it is a matter of time before the gangs take over full control.

The overriding theme from a majority of the callers was the demand to know what would happen next after the court ruling.

Justice Mwita termed the planned deployment as unconstitutional, noting that the National Security Council and the National Police Service (NPS) have no powers to deploy the officers outside the country.

The Court made the ruling on a case filed by Thirdway Alliance Party leader Ekuru Aukot who had argued that the deployment heralded by President William Ruto was illegal. 

The State was scheduled to deploy 1,000 police officers.

An earlier report by global media outlets indicated that the attacks had grown more intense with gangs taking over police stations and expanding outside city centers.


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