The last hours of murdered blogger DANIEL MIUTHIANI alias SNIPER revealed – His ruthless killers even filled his mouth with sand (READ).


Wednesday, January 3, 2024  Dennis Itumbi has recounted the last hours of slain Meru blogger Daniel Muthiani alias Snipper, who was brutally murdered.


In the chilling chronicle of Sniper’s demise, the brutality inflicted upon him was nothing short of a gruesome masterpiece.

As he begged for mercy, the merciless assailants subjected him to a relentless barrage of slaps and punches, his pleas falling on deaf ears.

In a desperate attempt to shield himself from the ceaseless onslaught, they bound his hands and legs with unforgiving ropes, leaving indelible marks on his battered body—testaments to his futile struggle for survival. The ropes, reminiscent of sisal or the straps of a traditional kiondo, tightened their grip, amplifying the anguish etched across Sniper’s face.

The pangs of hunger gnawed at him, the postmortem later revealing an empty stomach, a cruel companion to his already dire situation.

 His cries for help became a desperate symphony, only to be silenced by the sadistic decision to fill his mouth with construction sand, robbing him of the ability to speak, swallow, or spit.

As if this torment wasn’t enough, a cloth was callously fastened over his mouth and nose, ensuring the sand’s imprisonment within him.

The post-mortem’s haunting revelation of 100 grams of sand in his trachea testified to the malevolence that unfolded. The sand is now in the investigation land and could prove to be a crucial link to the cold-blooded Murderers.

The brutality escalated as a forceful foot stomped on his chest, each blow a reminder of the cruelty Sniper endured. Eventually, a sinister transition occurred, as ropes or a wire transformed into instruments of strangulation. The noose tightened, sealing Sniper’s fate with a merciless finality.

In death, they believed they had a secret to bury along with Sniper’s lifeless body. But even in their warped conviction, they couldn’t escape the scrutiny of justice-seeking hearts.

The callous kicks delivered above the waist echoed a cold disregard for human life.

Sniper’s demise was an agonizing ordeal, an unholy alliance of tormentors who harbored a belief that their heinous act would forever remain hidden.

However, the anguish he suffered ignited a fervor for justice among those who refuse to let his memory fade.

No matter the perpetrators’ connections, wealth, or attempts to bury the truth, the rallying cry for justice remains unwavering.

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