SIMBA ARATI reveals why KISII COUNTY is always in Chaos – This is a big shame to RUTO’s men

Tuesday, January 16, 2024 - Kisii County Governor, Simba Arati, has revealed the reason why there have been fights and chaos in the expansive county.

For the last six months, chaos and pandemonium have rocked Kisii County with Kenya Kwanza Alliance leaders clashing with Governor Arati and his supporters.

On Tuesday, Arati attributed the latest political heat in the region to his purge against graft.

The Governor revealed that some political figures are fanning chaos in Kisii for being locked out of lucrative county tenders.

Arati noted that some are staging chaos after he refused to pay them for supplying nothing to the county.

“There some people who wanted to be paid for supplying nothing. 

"So my wrangles have been caused by my purge against corruption,” Arati stated.


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