SHOCK as police officers raid a drug den disguised as an ATM in the posh Karen Estate (VIDEO).


Wednesday, January 24, 2024 - Officers drawn from Langata Police Station raided an ATM machine in the posh Karen estate which had been secretly transformed into a drug den.

Langata OCPD, Monica Kimani, led officers in the raid that unearthed a new trick that is being used by drug peddlers targeting high-end clients in posh estates.

At the ATM, buyers and peddlers do not engage face to face as the technology aids them in safeguarding their identities.

The police boss further revealed that customer, upon arrival at the shop, would place their order through a sophisticated sound communication system installed at the shop.

One was then required to pay via mobile money, a move intended to avoid physical contact between the peddlers and the customers.

Upon confirmation of payment, the peddler would then, hand over the bhang through a small hole drilled into a tinted glass.

Kimani noted that the tinted glass was installed to prevent the customers from identifying the peddlers.

The ATM was located behind shops and near garages.

Three suspects were arrested during the raid.

Police were yet to reveal the worth of the bhang recovered, but confirmed that the products seized were in substantial quantities.

It is believed that the peddlers mainly target University students in the area.

There is a phone number there that people use to pay for the products. We will investigate to determine the owner and arrest those behind the operation. 

"My advice to youth, especially given that we have many universities in this area, is to desist from using drugs. 

"I am very disturbed by the many people who were there and they were opposed to the operation, the police boss said.

Watch the video of the raid.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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