See what the lady who was killed at an Airbnb along TRM Drive told her friend before she met her killer as CCTV footage of the suspected killer emerges (Watch It).

Tuesday, January 16, 2024 - Detectives probing the brutal murder of a middle-aged lady along TRM Drive are focusing on CCTV footage obtained near the building where the suspect committed the act on Saturday night before escaping.

The suspect arrived at a nearby shop on Saturday around 4:20 pm and walked straight to the cashier to pick up the keys.

The owner of the Airbnb had left the keys at the shop.

The suspect was wearing a white cap and spectacles.

He appeared a bit tensed and in a hurry.

He was also carrying a black bag.

It is suspected that he was carrying a saw that he used to dismember the victim’s body inside the bag.

He left after picking up the keys and this was the last time he was captured.

He was expected to return the keys on Sunday morning but failed to do so.

The body of the lady who was murdered has since been identified by her family.

She is 20-year-old and according to sources, she had intimated to a friend that she had gone to have dinner with a friend in Roysambu but failed to turn up a day after, and her phone was switched off.

Watch CCTV footage of the suspected killer.

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