See latest PHOTOs of Joho’s former girlfriend, NATALIE TEWA, as she turns 30 years old - She responds to those asking when she will give birth.


Wednesday, January 24, 2024 - Renowned social media influencer and Hassan Joho’s former girlfriend, Natalie Tewa, has turned 30 years old.

Natalie took to her YouTube channel to share her thoughts on turning 30 and how age holds significance in her life.

“I’m turning 30 and I keep getting a lot of people just laughing, like yo, you’re growing so old,” she revealed, acknowledging the comments and questions from her followers.

 Responding with confidence, Natalie stated, “Nah. I’m turning 30, and I’m not ashamed. People always be like, oh, you’re growing old. When are you gonna get married? I’m like, listen peeps, first of all, 30 is like the new 20, okay.”

Addressing the topic of family planning, one fan inquired about Natalie’s desired age for having children and how many she would like.

In response, she shared, “To be honest, I could have kids now. Like, I’m kind of like if it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, I’m not mad. If it happens right now, it would be good. Next year would also be okay. The other year would also be fine. I’m not pressed for it, but it’s a nice thing, and I definitely do want kids.”

Natalie is still glowing even as she enters the third floor.

See her latest photos.

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