See how this UDA MP from Rift Valley is terrorizing his own residents with impunity - This is wrong!


Wednesday, January 31, 2024 - Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) detectives from Kuresoi North are investigating an incident where 5 men were assaulted by bodyguards allegedly attached to area MP Alfred Mutai. 

According to police reports, the five men were attacked on different occasions, for allegedly supporting opponents of the area MP and actively campaigning against him.

Mutai has, however, denied the claims, adding that the recent reports are fictitious accounts manufactured by his political opponents, ostensibly crafted to dim his political star.

Two of the victims are bloggers who mostly commentate on political affairs, with a specific bias for Nakuru County.

The first victim assaulted on January 13, 2024, narrated how men whisked him away, took him to the MP's home, handcuffed him, and beat him mercilessly. 

“The MP’s bodyguard approached me and asked that I follow him to answer to a report they had received. I followed him; however, two more people joined us and one handcuffed me,” he narrated. 

“They took me to the MP’s house, cuffed my hands in one of the rooms, and started beating me.”

Reporting the incident at Kuresoi Central police station, the man explained that the MP’s driver let him go, after helping him wipe blood from his face and giving him food. 

“Mutai’s driver told them to stop beating me, he then led me out through the back door and asked me to keep the ordeal to myself,” he stated. 

One of the bodyguards later on called him and apologized for the incident, requesting him to pick up calls from the MP.

“I want to send you Ksh3,000, so you can buy medicine,” he narrated. 

The other victims were ambushed on different occasions, some receiving threats to stop criticising the government’s work. 

“The police need to investigate these incidents because so many of us have reported and nothing has been done,” the second victim said. 

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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