SAMIDOH’s wife, EDDAY NDERITU, insists that she will never allow KAREN NYAMU to be her co-wife after the singer flew to the US to reunite with his kids

Wednesday, January 24, 2024
- Samidoh’s estranged wife, Edday, has responded to a fan who inquired whether she has finally accepted to be in a polygamous marriage after the Mugithi singer flew to the US to reunite with his kids.

The curious fan wanted to find out if the mother of three had changed her mind after stating that she will never accept to be Karen Nyamu’s co-wife.

“Hope you stick to your mentor's words ‘No sharing’ but there is co-parenting”, the fan posed.

In a quick rejoinder, Edday made it clear that she is still not open to the idea of sharing a man with someone else.

“I stick to my word, sharing that will never happen,” she clarified.

On the other hand, Nyamu is still open to the idea of being in a polygamous marriage.

Fans also reached out to her, asking if she is ready to see Samidoh reunite with Edday Nderitu.

“He is there as we speak to see his babies. Edday pia akirudi kwa mix timeshare miaka mingi sana peacefully she will never be an issue,” Karen Nyamu said.


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