RAILA ODINGA urges Kenya Kwanza Alliance to stop employing Kenyans along ethnic lines


Wednesday, January 3, 2023 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has called on the government to ensure fairness in job opportunities and refrain from favouring any particular ethnic group.

Speaking in Mtwapa in the coastal city of Mombasa, the veteran opposition leader expressed concerns that the government has shown bias by neglecting regions outside of President William Ruto’s tribe.

“In matters of employment, there appears to be significant favoritism. Mr. Ruto seems to have lost sight of Kenya’s diversity. During his election campaigns, he traversed every corner of the country, but now it appears he is solely focused on his own tribe,” he claimed.

Raila emphasized the importance of equality among all Kenyan citizens, saying that every individual has the right to access job opportunities without discrimination based on their ethnic background.

“We are all stakeholders in a united Kenya, and as such, we cannot tolerate the discrimination of any Kenyan based on their ethnicity. Every Kenyan has equal rights in this nation,” he said.

Odinga has vowed to keep Ruto’s government in check with plans of fresh street protests this year to pressure the government to lower the high cost of living.

“The constitution grants Kenyans the freedom to assemble, strike, and engage in demonstrations or sit-ins as a means of peaceful expression,” he noted.

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