ORUBA BOYS High School Students in Migori stage a demonstration after 73 candidates scored a mean grade of D - Only two scored a C-.

 Wednesday, January 10, 2024 - Oruba Boys High School students in Migori County have disputed the 2023 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exam results, terming them a sham.

One of the students who spoke to journalists said out of 75 students who sat for last year's KCSE exams, 73 scored a mean grade of D and only two scored C-.

"I am Dijon Omondi I want to thank you for giving us this opportunity to express ourselves and tell you what is ongoing at Oruba Boys. 

We sat for the exam's 75 candidates but what we've seen is unexpected; it is full of irony. 

We haven't seen this thing for sure. Almost 75 candidates scored a mean grade of D.

But in each and every exam we've sat for including internals and externals we haven't seen such a result. 

In each and every exam we must have what we call a curve whereby we must have the top rank and the lower rank; you can find those people who have the quality grade and the lesser grade but in Oruba Boys it is a shock. 

This is totally a shock. We've never seen this," the student cried out.

Another candidate, Gordon Otieno Okinyi, said the results surprised them, adding that they were expecting to celebrate like other schools but the outcome was appalling.

"Everyone has got a grade of D, only two people got a C-. 

D- is what we have, and we don't even know. There are even Es. 

We've already done the exams, and as a school, we know where we stand; we've done joint exams," he stated.



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