LSK President ERIC THEURI reveals the main reason why RUTO is bullying the Judiciary

 Wednesday, January 10, 2024 - Law Society of Kenya President, Eric Theuri, has revealed the main reason why President William Ruto has been bullying the Judiciary in recent months.

Speaking on Wednesday, Theuri alleged that the president wants the court to grant the executive a stay of execution on the Finance Act 2023, while parliament passes the Act to legalize it as previously ordered by the court, with the long-term goal of ensuring the Housing Levy is collected without the high court halting the process.

“The president is bullying the Judiciary to give him an order of stay pending the hearing and determination of the case in the court of appeal yet they have already started action to implement what the high court told them was wrong with the law when they enacted it,” the LSK President stated.

Theuri went on to say that Ruto’s repeated statements about wanting to remove graft in the judiciary are not sincere and that most institutions in the country are corrupt in the eyes of the population.

“Is the complaint by the executive that we have a rogue and corrupt Judiciary or is the complaint by the executive that critical government projects are being stopped?

"It is easy to accuse the judiciary because every institution is corrupt…in the court of public opinion, people will always believe the institution to be corrupt,” Theuri added.

President Ruto has been attacking the Judiciary in the past weeks, claiming some corrupt Judicial officials are sabotaging his legacy projects; Universal Health Care and Affordable Housing.


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