OPARANYA betrays RAILA as he endorses RUTO’s man BONI KHALWALE to remove BABA and ODM in Kakamega – Look!

Monday, January 15, 2024 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s second in command, Wycliffe Oparanya, has done the unthinkable.

This is after he teamed up with President William Ruto’s point man in Kakamega to bring down Raila’s strongman in the county.

Oparanya and Senator Boni Khalwale buried their political hatchet and announced the latter's gubernatorial ambitions at a joint press conference.

Speaking to the press on Sunday, the UDA Senator announced that he was gearing up for the gubernatorial race in 2027 and sought the former governor's blessings.

The collaboration, which was endorsed by Oparanya, brings an end to the political rivalry between the two leaders that had flared for more than a decade.

Khalwale further revealed that President William Ruto, the leader of his party, had endorsed his plans.

"The reason why we came here is because 2 months ago, I visited the President of Kenya and announced to him that in 2027 I will be running for Governor of Kakamega. 

"Today was the day to inform the County Government that I will be running for Governor," he told the media.

"I deliberately chose (former) Governor Wycliffe Ambetsa Oparanya for this very important communication to this county because he was our first Governor. 

"I have met the former Governor of Kakamega without prejudice to anybody be it one who is currently in office or one who hopes to vie for Governor."

Oparanya, on the other hand, praised the Senator for keeping his administration in check for the 10 years that he (Oparanya) was at the helm.

"He put me on toes to deliver and because he put me on toes, I think I was able to deliver and that is what a Senator is supposed to do. 

"In politics, there are no permanent enemies or permanent friends. What is important is interest," he stated.

"We have decided to bury any differences that people thought we had so that we work together for the benefit of the people of Kakamega. 

"I have told him to consult with his coalition and the President and I will also do the same to make sure that we are together come 2027."


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