Memphis DJ 'SLICK RICK' is found decapitated in his home

Friday, January 26, 2024
 – A Memphis DJ was discovered decapitated in his Tennessee home.

Rick Buchanan, known by his DJ name 'Slick Rick,' was allegedly gruesomely beheaded in a suspicious incident which is being investigated by the police.

Buchanan's brother John found the DJ dead in his Berclair home on Angel Avenue on Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 24.

“I walked in and found him, and I just called 911,” John told FOX13.

“I thought his coat was up over his head like it was cold or something,” John Buchanan said.

“I ran out and then I ran back in. And, then I realized it was something worse.”

The DJ was still gripping his keys upon John's discovery and he was found with his pants pulled down.

Buchanan had been performing locally around Memphis for decades and was a huge personality known in the community.

In 2014, he had been shot outside of a night club, which John said changed his brother forever.

John said Slick Rick became a recluse after the shooting as he had a hard time finding work.

Buchanan became a home-body following the shooting and preferred to stay at his house with his dog Lucky, according to John.

John plans to adopt Buchanan's beloved dog Lucky following his tragic death.

The brother said Buchanan's family are still very shaken up over the gruesome way his body was discovered on Wednesday.

Family members of the Memphis DJ are desperate for answers and Memphis PD say they are investigating the suspicious incident.

“He was wild but he was a good man,” Kathy Calaway shared. “He had the energy of an entire power plant, would, and did help anyone if he was able and was such a positive, kind man.”

“I am so damn sad, frustrated, shocked & angry but I shall bite my tongue & go turn up some bad ass rock n roll for a while,” Karen Dillard Brown said.

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