Lawyer AHMEDNASSIR ABDULLAHI goes on his knees and pleads with CJ MARTHA KOOME to forgive him as reality of his ban from the Supreme Court sinks


Tuesday, January 23, 2024 - Senior Counsel Ahmednassir Abdullahi has come face-to-face with the reality of his ban from the Supreme Court.

This is after he could not appear for his elderly client as a result of the ban handed to him by Chief Justice Martha Koome’s Supreme Court due to his tirade against the bench.

In a statement, Ahmedinassir made a plea to Chief Justice Martha Koome over the fate of his client demanding Ksh1 billion compensation. 

He revealed that his oldest client aged 94 years old was currently admitted to an intensive care unit (ICU). 

According to the lawyer, he was supposed to appear before the Supreme Court to represent the 94-year-old Mama Cherubet Chelugui, who is demanding Ksh1 billion from the late former President Daniel Moi.

However, Ahmednassir indicated that he could not appear at the Supreme Court after being banned.

He pleaded with Chief Justice Koome to expedite the hearing of the case before the health of his client deteriorates.

"I was supposed to argue this petition before the Supreme Court this morning. Mama Cherubet Chelugui turned 94 and is admitted to ICU...over to you, Chief Justice Martha Koome. 

"I hope you will hear and determine the case before the health of Mama Chelugui deteriorates further!" Ahmednassir wrote.

Mama Cherubet sued Moi for allegedly grabbing her land in the 1980s. She won damages but she is yet to receive the dues as directed by the court.

This compelled Ahmednassir to file a petition at the Supreme Court to help Mama Cherubet get her compensation.

However, he is now facing a dilemma after the Supreme Court banned him for allegedly tarnishing its image.


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