LADY shares a video of her housemaid dancing in her room and it sparks debate on how appropriate it is to put hidden camera in domestic staff's rooms

Thursday, January 11, 2024
 – A video of a house help dancing in her room, apparently unaware that a camera was capturing her every move, has sparked a debate online.

The video was shared online by the help's madam.

It was captioned:

“My house maid in her room dancing like she's on gun point.”

While many found the video amusing, others frowned on it and asked why a camera should be placed in a domestic staff's room, thereby denying her her privacy.

However, others have defended the madam, and said only those with kids would understand the value of having a camera in every part of the house, even in the domestic staff's room, as kids sometimes stray in there.

See the video below.

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