Lady reveals how she reconnected with her twin sister on Tiktok after they were sold to different adoption rings at a young age

Friday, January 26, 2024
 – A young lady has shared how she discovered she was separated from her twin sister at birth and sold through an illegal adoption ring.

Ano Sartania, 21, reunited with her sister Amy due to a TikTok video that was shared online but both were shocked when they found out they shared three more siblings.

Ano told The Sun how she felt when she saw her sister for the first time. The pair, born in June 2002, in Kirtski, Georgia, discovered they were both sold in a twisted scheme to an illegal adoption ring.

One of them grew up in the capital, while the other one was raised in Zugdidi, Migrelia, by the Black Sea.

Despite finally being reunited after 19 years, the twins are still looking for answers.

Ano told The Sun: "My whole life, I thought, and I wanted to have a twin sister. Thank God I got her.

"So I wondered my whole life thinking 'it must be awesome if I had a twin sister."

The reunion came about after a friend of Ano's came across a TikTok video of a woman bearing a striking resemblance to Ano and sent it to her.

Ano said: "My friend found that video of her getting piercing, and sent it to me, she was like, 'It's you'.

"And I said: 'it's not me, but it's me. So I was searching for that person, and I couldn't find her."

The 21-year-old was eventually able to track down Amy and the first thing she texted her was "How long I have been searching for you."

The two of them met at the Rustaveli station in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia - neither of them suspected they were related.

Recalling the moment they met, Ano said:" We just met because we look like each other. And that was awkward because someone told me 'some girl looks like you exactly.

"'You talk the same way, your movements, your voice, everything is matching. And it was weird for me like I was looking in a mirror.

"It was awkward, it was awesome, it was everything."

Ano now says that even though they have different personalities they feel like they've known each other for years.

" I can say that even on the first day we started talking, I was feeling like I had known her for like 90 years, I knew her my whole life.

"It didn't feel like meeting a stranger."

Also, DNA test results later confirmed that the two women were indeed twins.

But their revelations wouldn't end there.

Ano and Amy had heard different stories about how they were separated at birth - one was told their dad had sold them shortly after they were born while the other heard they were stolen from the maternity ward and then sold.

The twins shared their incredible reconnection story on a Facebook group - only to receive a message a few days later from a woman called Anna who was searching for her twin sisters.

The twins eventually discovered that they not only had one but three more siblings.

Georgian journalist Tamuna Museridze who was a victim of the illegal adoption ring, has helped hundreds of children reconnect with their biological families.


discovered the truth about herself back in 2016 after the death of her adoptive mother and founded the Facebook group "Vedzeb" ("I'm looking").

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