Kenyans in tears as Nigeria bans degrees from our universities and other countries for fear of being fake – RUTO has really ruined

Friday January 5, 2024
 – Kenyans now risk being banned from working in Nigeria over allegations of possessing fake academic papers.

This is after the Nigerian Government announced that it was halting the evaluation of degrees from Benin Republic and Togo. 

Following the suspension which affected 45 universities in the two nations, Nigeria added that it would be extending the suspension to Kenya, Uganda and Niger. 

This was communicated by Nigerian Education Minister Tahir Mamman who vowed to clean the education system in his country.

The sanctions were instituted after an investigative journalist acquired a degree from a university in the Benin Republic after studying for less than 60 days. 

Immediately after earning the degree, he used the certifications to apply and get deployed for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

“We are not going to stop at just Benin and Togo. We are going to extend the dragnet to countries like Uganda, Kenya, even Niger here where such institutions have been set up,” Mamman announced. 

He explained that the reason for extending the suspension to Kenya and other countries was to weed out certificates from rogue institutions.

“If along the line, we can trace that there are people already in the system.”

“For instance, if a particular institution or operator has been operating, say in the last 10 years, we will check if we can get records of Nigerians who attended that institution," the Education Minister explained how Nigeria was tackling the case of fake certificates. 

An investigation showed that Nigerians were acquiring doctored academic papers from foreign countries, among them Kenya, and used them to acquire job opportunities back home.


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