Food Network host DARNELL FERGUSON's estranged wife files for TRO after alleged attack

Thursday, January 11, 2024
 – Tatahda Ferguson, wife of Food Network host, Darnell Ferguson has filed for a temporary restraining order to protect herself after he allegedly attacked her.

Tatahda Ferguson filed in Lousiville, Kentucky on Monday, January 8, the day before Darnell was arrested. She sought for protection for her and their 3 kids.

She's also asking for Darnell to stay away from her work, home, and their kids' school. She is also seeking temporary custody and child support.

Tatahda claimed Darnell came into her home without her permission on January 2 while she “had a guy friend sleeping with her”. She said the guy took off when Darnell arrived.

She claimed Darnell was upset that she wasn't responding to his calls, as well as the man sleeping with her, and got irate, allegedly breaking her door and punching a hole in her wall before choking her out.

Tatahda said Darnell ripped her shorts off and demanded to see her private parts, “because I was his and no one else's.”

Darnell pleaded not guilty in court to the criminal charges related to this alleged incident, and his bond was set at $10k. Records show he posted bail on Wednesday, January 10, and was released.

Tatahda had filed a separate restraining order request back in July 2023, claiming Darnell went ballistic when she told him she wanted a divorce, allegedly putting a tracker on her car, taking her phone, and hiring a private investigator to follow her. The case was following an agreed order.

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