DWAYNE JOHNSON joins new WWE board

Tuesday, January 23, 2024
 – Dwayne Johnson has been announced as the newest board of directors member for TKO, the company which now owns WWE and UFC as a new one-stop shop entity.

Dwayne will be getting exclusive rights to his stage name 'The Rock' and some stock options valued at $30 million. The actor has pretty much gone by the name “The Rock” in his entire career, dating back to when he was in the ring.

He will get to capitalize on his moniker, specifically, as it pertains to merchandising/royalties the WWE might make by using 'The Rock' in business.

Part of the deal between Dwayne and TKO regarding 'The Rock' rights sees that TKO gets an exclusive licensing deal for 10 years to use the brand for certain products and during that time, Dwayne can't go and license it to other companies competitive with them. In other words, he receives the trademark but WWE gets a decade to milk it.

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