DJ BLACK COFFEE hospitalised after being involved in severe travel accident in Argentina

Thursday, January 11, 2024
 – South African music producer and DJ, Black Coffee, has been hospitalised after he was involved in a severe travel accident that left him with injuries.

According to a post shared on his Instagram page, the incident occurred on his flight to his show at MUTE, a club in Mar del Plata, Argentina, on Sunday.

"Black Coffee was involved in a severe travel accident on a flight en route to his scheduled show in Mar del Plata," the statement posted on his account on Wednesday reads. "The incident resulted in unforeseen complications and left him with some injuries."

The statement continues, "We can confirm that he is receiving the best possible medical attention and is surrounded by a supportive family and team. In respect to his privacy, we kindly request understanding and patience from the media and his fans."

"Despite the challenges presented, Black Coffee is optimistic and recovering well!" the post concludes.

Details of Black Coffee's injuries and medical state have not been disclosed. 

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