CNN jounalist LARRY MADOWO and RUTO's aide EMANUEL TALAAM trade barbs over RUTO’s trip to Italy.

 Tuesday, July 30, 2024 - Celebrated CNN journalist Larry Madowo has traded barbs with President William Ruto’s aide Emmanuel Talam over the President's trip to Italy.

Ruto left the country on Sunday, January 28, 2024, to attend the Italy-Africa Summit alongside other African presidents.

Madowo took issue with Ruto attending the Summit alongside other African presidents, despite a vow he made in April 2023 that Africa would hold discussions with other countries as a whole, represented by the African Union (AU).

"President William Ruto said he and other African leaders would not be summoned by one country. 

"The African Union would represent them going forward. 

"He's standing just steps away from both the AU chair & the AU Commission chair in Italy while other East African presidents skipped," Madowo said.

Following Madowo's criticism, Taalam took issue with the journalist, accusing him of ignoring the President's speech, where he addressed the issue.

"Create time to read the President’s speech. Basic journalism," Talam told Madowo.

In response, Madowo stated, "You don't have the range to lecture me about journalism" and later added, "Out here doing the Lord’s work."

Ruto is on record asking 54 African heads of state not to go to foreign capitals to be addressed by ‘one man”

He proposed the African heads of state be represented by AU in those foreign trips

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