Chief Government pathologist, JOHANSEN ODUOR, reveals the man who murdered RITA WAENI was a skilled killer - See what he did to eliminate traces of his DNA from her body (VIDEO).

Friday, January 19, 2024 - Chief Government Pathologist, Johansen Oduor, has expressed shock over the brutal killing of University student Rita Waeni, who was lured to an Airbnb along TRM Drive by an unidentified man last weekend and murdered in cold blood.

Oduor said he had never encountered such a brutal murder during his long stint as a pathologist.

"This is the first time I have come across such an incident. I have never come across such in my forensic life," said Dr Oduor.

Oduor further said that the killer looked like he knew what he was doing and tried to leave no trace after he murdered Rita.

He even tried to extract her fingernails in a bid to eliminate traces of his DNA from the victim's body.  

The killer looked like he knew what he was doing because when you look at the skin it looks like it was cut by a sharp object but when you look at the bone it was sawed off with what looked like a hacksaw,” he said.

Another thing that we noticed is that the killer tried to clip off her fingernails for reasons which I may not be able to know and as a scientist when we see this we think that the person was trying to hide evidence so that we are unable to get his DNA from his victim'', he added.

However, he was able to collect samples from some of Waeni's fingernails that were not damaged by her killer.

The samples have been sent for further forensics analysis.

Below is a video of Oduor addressing the press.

 The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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