CCTV footage captures pastor KANYARI’s sister’s final moments in the company of her killer - She was dressed to kill, not knowing that it was her last day on earth (WATCH)

Saturday, January 6, 2024 - Pastor Kanyari’s sister, Scarlet Wahu, was captured on CCTV entering an Airbnb with her alleged killer, John Matara, on the day she was murdered.

In the footage, Wahu was seen wearing a red dress, a blue denim coat and black high-heeled shoes while the suspected killer was wearing a blue shirt with black stripes, khaki trousers and boots.

They took a lift from the basement floor of the building, got off on the fourth floor and went straight to the house where they were to spend the night.

Matara stabbed her in the head and the right thigh.

She also had other physical injuries, a clear indication of a struggle.

Watch CCTV footage of her last moments.


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