CCTV captures JOHN MATARA fleeing with blood-stained clothes after killing Pastor KANYARI’s younger sister at an Airbnb apartment - This man is cold-hearted (VIDEO)

Saturday, January 6, 2024
- CCTV footage showing the moment 34-year-old John Matara fled after killing Pastor Kanyari’s younger sister, Scarlet Wahu, at an Airbnb apartment in South B has emerged.

In the footage, the suspected killer is seen getting into a lift after stabbing Wahu and leaving her lying in a pool of blood.

After getting into the lift, a man standing next to him gets suspicious after spotting his blood-stained clothes.

Matara alights from the lift on the ground floor and continues raising more suspicion from other tenants.

He looks disturbed and in a hurry.

He even steps on a lady’s toes as he escapes.

He quietly leaves the apartment after committing the heinous murder.

The gateman is said to have contacted Florence Ngina, the owner of the Airbnb where Matara had checked in with Scarlet, informing her that a tenant had been spotted leaving the house with blood-stained clothes.

Florence rushed to the house and found it locked.

She used spare keys to gain access and found Scarlet’s body lying in a pool of blood.

She reported the matter at South B police station.

Matara was tracked using his phone number and arrested while undergoing treatment at a local hospital.

Watch CCTV footage of the murder suspect fleeing.


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