Bizzare details surrounding the death of budding rapper Charles Waga Otieno inside an apartment occupied by 4 Nigerian men.

Thursday, February 1, 2024 - Up-and-coming rapper Charles Waga Otieno who died after falling from the 5th floor of a city apartment had multiple head fractures and internal bleeding, according to a post-mortem examination at Coptic Hospital mortuary.

While the final report detailing the cause of death is with detectives, family, and friends suspect foul play, pointing to four Nigerians in custody.

The fateful day began like any other for the 25-year-old rapper.

On Monday, 29th January, Waga was on a routine assignment to deliver a carpet to a Nigerian client residing in Room 56 on the seventh floor of the Corner Heights Apartments along Naivasha Road.

His colleagues recount that he left his phone charging in the janitor's office at "Identity Cleaners," a car wash located on Naivasha Road, off Ngong Road, before taking the lift.

Thirty minutes later, a resident's call alerted colleagues that Waga had fallen.

Upon rushing to the scene, his colleagues found him in a car belonging to one of the apartment's tenants.

Efforts to quickly get him medical attention were in vain at the first hospital they visited, as the doctor was unavailable.

Their next stop, Coptic Hospital, saw desperate attempts to revive Waga, but he was already gone, leaving colleagues and friends in shock.

The scene of the crime raises unsettling questions.

Waga's belongings — pants, shoes, bracelet, Marvin, and belt — lay scattered in the hallway leading to the apartment where he delivered the carpet.

Notably, an earring, inconsistent with Waga's usual attire, was also found.

"We want justice for Waga because he was an innocent boy, and these suspects should face the law. How did he end up with a boxer?" Jaffer Ochieng, a friend of the deceased, asked.

The final report on the exact cause of Waga's death remains in the hands of detectives investigating the matter, leaving family and friends anxiously awaiting answers.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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