"Avoid broke, jobless, entitled, fat and lazy women from poor homes" - Man advises men

Wednesday, January 31, 2024
 – A man called Festus Uzoamaka Ohalete has listed the type of women men should avoid.

1)Avoid broke, jobless, entitled and lazy women from poor homes. They have nothing to offer and so nothing to lose," he wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday, January 31.

2) Avoid f@t, overweight, and obese women who go around calling themselves "thick". They are lazy in and out of bed and are nothing but ticking timebombs, especially health wise.

3) If a woman is not actively investing her TIME, MONEY, energy, emotions, and resources into the relationship as much as you are, you are in it alone. To love is to give and to RECEIVE Love and relationships are only hard when it's just one person putting in all the effort.

4) HER PAST, FAMILY BACKGROUND, AND BODY COUNT MATTERS. Try to find out what ended her previous relationships, if she has a weak or absent father or if she is shameless enough to allow more than one man see her naked before the age of 23. If she has been in more relationships than she has degrees or she has seen more p3n!s3s than a urologist, she is a wh0re. Do not make any excuses for her" 

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  1. Kabisa. Wisdom from a sage. These lazy and self entitled sluts better style up. Nkt