A lady shares a message that suspected serial killer JOHN MATARA sent her online, luring her with a great deal - This guy was a smooth operator

Monday, January 8, 2024
- Suspected serial killer John Matara used to prey on unsuspecting ladies online.

Matara used a fake name on his profile and would send messages to ladies luring them to paid meetings.

A lady has shared a message that Matara sent to her last year in December.

He lied to her that he had just landed in Nairobi for holiday and requested her for a date.

He promised to pay her Ksh 10,000 if she agreed to meet him for the date.

Matara used the same tactics to lure his victims.

He would ask ladies for paid meetings on sites and lure them to Airbnbs, where he would threaten them with a knife and demand for money.

Kanyari revealed that Matara demanded Ksh 500,000 from his sister and stabbed her to death when she resisted.

See the message that the suspected serial killer sent to a lady.


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