A former neighbour to JOHN MATARA speaks and reveals what he did to a LADY, prompting tenants to call for his eviction

Monday, January 8, 2024
- A former neighbour to John Matara has revealed that he has a sinister history of assaulting women.

She used to live in the same apartment with Matara and back then, he was pursuing a master's degree at Kenyatta University.

He was bringing different ladies to his house and had been reported to the police on numerous occasions for assault.

According to Matara’s former neighbour, Starlet was just one of his victims who seems to have bravely taken a stand against him.

"He was never arrested, though.”

“Starlet had to die so that this man could be apprehended.”

“If all the women he assaulted come forward, you will be shocked," she stated.

He also lived a lavish lifestyle although his source of income remained a mystery.

He was known for paying his rent months in advance, making it challenging for the landlord to take action despite numerous complaints from the community.

Matara's lifestyle, marked by constant indoor activities such as smoking weed and receiving meals through Uber Eats, further fueled suspicions about the origin of his wealth.

He was evicted after a violent altercation with a woman that lasted throughout the night.

When neighbours intervened, they discovered that the woman had been tied up and beaten.

She had knife bruises on her hands and leg.

"She could not even walk and had knife bruises on the hands and leg,” said the former neighbour.

Matara was not arrested even after the matter was reported to the police.

Frustrated by the lack of action, the tenants eventually joined forces and informed the landlord that they will leave if Matara was not evicted.

The suspect eventually relocated.


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