Some Key Factors That Impact Premier League Betting Odds

Some Key Factors That Impact Premier League Betting Odds

The thrills and spills of the Premier League make it arguably the best division in the world. Because of its popularity, which reaches far beyond the borders of England, it is a natural magnet for bettors to try their luck on picking the correct outcomes.


Football and betting have gone hand in hand for decades and online betting, especially through apps, has made it even more accessible. While football betting can be a fun pastime, it is also something that requires a fair amount of skill.


There are some key factors to consider that can have a major impact on those English Premiership odds. The more insights and trends that you can incorporate into your betting practice, the further down the line towards successful wagering you are likely to get. 


With that in mind, here we explore key elements that impact odds and provide valuable insights for making informed betting decisions on the English top flight.


Team Performance and Form


There are so many stats that you can look through. The current form of teams plays a vital role in shaping betting odds. Factors such as recent results, home and away records, goal-scoring prowess, and defensive strength are considered by bookmakers. 


You want to do this too instead of just taking the presented odds at face value. Look at things like goal-scoring averages, defensive records and more to help you to assess the likelihood of specific outcomes and to identify potential value bets.


Home Advantage

Home advantage is a significant factor in football. Because of extra crowd support then teams generally perform better on their home grounds and that advantage is considered when the odds are set. 


Break your research down in home form for a given team, and you will likely find helpful trends, like when that team commonly scores home goals, plus what the common winning margins and defensive records are like. 


A team’s average goals conceded per home game, for example, is likely to be less than their overall average when combined with away days. 


Managerial Tactics and Strategies


Having a major impact on the outcome of Premier League games is tactics. Teams have their style and some work well against others. Sometimes teams will test a new formation and tactics to try and overcome a certain opponent.


A game between two teams that generally play defensive-minded tactics can lead to opportunities like Under 2.5 Goals. Check how teams fare against different opponents of similar styles. 


Injuries and Suspensions


If a team was suddenly missing their main striker for a match, that could have a big impact on the game. Are players being rested ahead of more important fixtures? The scheduling of matches plays a part in this too, with some teams playing up to as many as three times in a week.


Naturally, fatigue is going to be a concern for a manager, who wants to then shuffle his players around. Starting lineups can drastically change the dynamics of things and potentially even force the head coach into changing from regular tactics. Keep up with team news constantly to stay on top of factors like this.


Market Sentiment


Market sentiment refers to the collective opinions and actions of bettors. Bookmakers will adjust their market lines to protect their profit margins when collecting bets on a market. So, if there was a surge of interest in a home win for a particular team all of a sudden, to balance their liability, the bookie will shorten the odds, to try and tempt punters to go towards the other options on the match outcome. 


By tracking the odds in a market, and being aware of market sentiment, it can help you assess the overall perception of a match and make more informed predictions when it comes to your bets.


In Conclusion


There is a lot of information listed above and that is just scratching the surface of things that can be done for Premier League betting. It just highlights how essential gathering knowledge ahead of placing sports bets can be. 


You can take all those elements and break them down into narrower focus when targeting specific bets and markets. Whatever your approach to Premier League betting is, get the research done first! 

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