RUTO amerambwa as BIDEN fails to raise Sh12 billion he promised for Haiti mission after police deployment – LOOK! Was he duped?

Saturday July 6, 2024 - President William Ruto is a worried man.

This is after US President Joe Biden failed to raise the Sh12 billion that he promised to give Ruto for the Haiti mission.

This comes even as Ruto has already deployed the first contingent of police officers to Haiti.

The Biden-led Government and Canada raised concerns, accusing the international community of letting them and Ruto down in the Haiti mission.

According to the two-countries, the international community needed to walk the talk when it came to contributing to the Kenyan-led mission in Haiti. 

During a United Nations Security Council meeting, member nations were appraised that only Ksh2.7 billion (USD21 Million) had been raised out of a target of Ksh12 billion (USD118 million) pledge for the Kenyan mission in Haiti.

The Council approved the Multinational Security Support Mission in Haiti on October last year, with a resolution for member nations to deposit the required cash in a United Nations Trust Fund.

“We call on all international partners to do more and give more,” the US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield spoke of the paltry amount raised. 

She said that the money would ensure that Haitians get a deserved peace and stability that would ensure they go to work, school, or a house of worship without the threat of violence.

The UN Security Council deliberated on the challenges the Kenyan-led mission would encounter should the pledged money not be raised soon. 

The multinational security support mission will be in jeopardy without adequate support from the United Nations member states. 


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