Hustler Fund is a big scam as it emerges money keeps disappearing from the fund and no one can explain – No wonder Gen Zs are furious with RUTO’s govt

Tuesday, July 9, 2024 – Taxpayers now stand to lose the Sh50 billion that President William Ruto put in the Hustler Fund.

This is after it emerged that the money keeps disappearing from the fund with no official ready and willing to explain it.

According to the new audit, unregistered individuals and people who do not qualify for loans were advanced millions of shillings which cannot be traced now.

Besides, some people were given loans above the set limit while others got loans without IDs which makes it hard to recover the money.

The audit also revealed that some borrowers were given multiple loans without paying previous loans while others were unable to apply for the loans.

And to make matters worse, over 800,000 people were given loans even before they registered for the Hustler Fund, raising more questions than answers.

This may explain why the Gen Zs are furious with Ruto’s government and want it dissolved ASAP.

The Hustler Fund was created to help young people start small businesses, but it has turned out to be a big scam if the audit report is anything to by.


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