Drop this Road Maintenance Levy increase for your own good or else you will have Gen Zs to contend with – WAMUCHOMBA warns RUTO

Wednesday, July 3, 2024 - Githunguri MP Gathoni Wamuchomba has advised President William Ruto's administration to reconsider its proposal to increase the Road Maintenance Levy.

Ruto’s government had proposed raising the levy from Ksh18 per litre of fuel to Ksh25 after public opposition led to the dropping of the motor vehicle tax included in the now-defunct Finance Bill 2024.

However, Wamuchomba called on the government to halt this exercise, stating that the current political climate in the country, led by the Gen Z revolution, could not endure the imposition of another bill.

"In the spirit of concessions, the process of public participation to amend section 3 of the Road Maintenance Levy Fund Act to increase fuel Levies on petroleum Fuels as advertised by the Kenya Roads Board under The Ministry of Roads and Transport should be halted," she stated.

"The public mood is not right to propose any increase of fuel levies. We must listen to what Kenyans are saying now."

"The executive seems to be blatantly adamant about the pressing economic issues that are affecting people’s livelihoods. In such a crisis, we must be deliberate in looking for peace not adding to the jitters," she added.

Road Maintenance Levy is a charge imposed on all petroleum fuels imported to Kenya for home use.


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