DAVID NDII blasts WILLY MUTUNGA for questioning RAILA’s deal with RUTO to end the Gen Z protests – Look!

Thursday, July 11, 2024 – The handshake between President William Ruto and Azimio Leader Raila Odinga did not go down well with a section of Kenyans, who accused Baba of betraying them, especially the Gen Zs, by going to bed with the oppressor.

One such Kenyan is former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga who alleged that there was a 'handshake' between Ruto and Raila.

He argued that the handshakes are bound to happen because the leaders are protecting their interests.

In response on social media, President William Ruto's Chief Economic Advisor David Ndii took a shot at Mutunga for his remarks.

Ndii questioned why the former CJ was concerned and accused him and Makau Mutua of leading troops to 'the dynasty lair'.

Ndii emphasised that it was Raila's nature to negotiate and secure deals. 

However, Ndii did not disclose further details of the deals the former Prime Minister secured.

"Why the hand-wringing? You and Makau Mutua led your troops into the dynasty lair. 

"Raila, true to type, cut deals, and left you in the wilderness. 

"You never once spoke out against BBI or the Bomas coup attempt," he wrote.

In April, Mutunga argued that these handshakes were backed by international and foreign powers. 

He added that it was time to question whether Kenya owns Kenya or whether colonisation ended in Africa.

"We are hostages of this venal, idiotic class that harps on sovereignty and independence because all they can do now is enclose us in these colonial borders in the name of handshakes and handouts," Mutunga stated.


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